LA-WEB 2019 is the tenth of a series of refereed international conferences aimed at providing a venue for researchers and technologists from the Latin American Web community from around the world to present, demonstrate and discuss the latest Web developments.


The goal of LA-WEB is to gather researchers and developers to present and debate topics of importance to the Latin American region in which the Web plays a crucial role. To achieve this, we will seek contributions that describe research initiatives, projects, results and techniques that are being developed in Latin America. In this sense we will encourage submissions in various degrees of progress, such as , new results, visions, techniques, innovative application papers, and progress reports. In this way, this edition of LA-WEB will continue the tradition of offering an open forum for Web researchers, professionals, and industrial practitioners to share evolving knowledge and report ongoing work .


In addition to presentation of contributed papers in technical sessions, the technical program will also include a panel and a keynote talk that will cover exciting topics related to Web-related technologies and their impact in Latin America, its people, society, economy, culture and nature.


Over the years, the conference has featured research results in several Web-related areas, including search technologies, advertising algorithms, user behavior characterization, semantic Web techniques, Web engineering, Web interfaces and social networks.  In all editions, papers presented at the conference were selected after a rigorous review process made by a program committee comprised of international experts from several disciplines.


The LA-WEB conference series started in in Santiago, Chile (2003); and later were also organized in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil (2004); Buenos Aires, Argentina (2005); Puebla, Mexico (2006); Santiago, Chile (2007); Vila Velha, Brazil (2008); and Mérida, Mexico (2009); Cartagena de Indias, Colombia (2012); and Ouro Preto, Brazil (2014).


In this edition, LA-WEB participants will have an additional advantage of the co-location with The Web Conference 2019. We expect that this creates an opportunity for a synergetic atmosphere between the Latin American community and world leaders on Web-related research. To foster such a gathering and to facilitate the participation of researchers from Latin America in both  LA-WEB and The Web Conference 2019, we are in the process of negotiating grants for covering the participation of authors with papers accepted for LA-WEB 2019. Details on these grants will be announced soon.